Przychodnia „Microdent”
Niepubliczny Zakład Opieki Zdrowotnej

02-791 Warszawa
Natolin, ul. Meander 22
tel.: 22-648-77-55
tel. kom.: 696-013-448
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Jesteśmy przychodnią stomatologiczną położoną na Natolinie, założoną w 1990 roku.

Microdent  Dental Clinic is a team of highly qualified and experienced dentists running a private dental practice located in Warsaw, the capital of Poland.

We use excellent equipment and materials to provide you with highest level of dental care.

The dental procedures that we provide include general dentistry, scaling, treatment of gum diseases, teeth whitening, root canal therapy, cosmetic fillings, inlays, implant restoration, veneers, crowns and bridges .

We also offer the help for patients suffering from  grinding (bruxism,) clenching, tension headaches and snoring

In addition, high standards of sterilization and infection control are maintained at Microdent Dental Clinic to assure your safety during the treatment.

And last but not least – we offer value for money. You get high standard (dental facilities, equipment and techniques as well as materials) like in Zurich or London for a fifth of the price. To put it simply Polish dentists wages and laboratory fees are still moderate and “human”. See some examples;

Scaling (half hour session) 30 – 40 €

Fillings 35-50 €

Root canal treatment 50-150 €

Porcelain crowns 200 €

Ceramic veneers 300-400 €

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Microdent Dental Clinic is conveniently located 200 meters from Natolin underground station